What Makes Fairview Different?

A health service that heals from the heart
Fairview Health Services is Minnesota’s choice for healthcare. We’re an industry-leading, award-winning, nonprofit offering a full network of healthcare services. Our broad network is designed to be ready for our patients’ every need, while delivering quality care with compassion.

Our care portfolio includes community hospitals, academic hospitals, primary and specialty care clinics, senior facilities, facilitated living centers, rehabilitation centers, home health care services, counseling, pharmacies, benefit management services, and the health insurer PreferredOne. 

We’re built on a tradition of compassionate care. This is our home, and our patients are our neighbors. We’re here to heal, we’re here for you.
  • Our Guiding Principles

    Our Guiding Principles

    Fairview’s mission, vision, and values are the fundamental beliefs we follow as we build a healthier future.
  • Leadership Team

    Our Leadership

    Fairview’s leadership team keeps us focused on our long-term goal of changing the future of medicine by making today healthier. Meet our leadership.
  • Awards and Recognition

    Awards and Recognition

    Fairview’s award-winning care is consistently recognized for excellence in clinical quality and enduring positive outcomes. See our successes.

We Build Towards Breakthroughs

Defining Discoveries

As good as our care is, we need to be at the forefront of every advancement. This is why we devote so many resources into advancements in patient care, and have so much pride in our results.

    Educating New Generations

    Good doctors come from the best teachers. Our doctors work in collaboration with the Academic Health Center to educate student physicians.

      Promoting Breakthrough Therapies

      When new treatments are discovered, we want those techniques and technologies in the hands of our physicians immediately. A breakthrough only happens as fast its implementation.

        $348.6 million

        in support of access to care and services

        $90 million

        for education and workforce development

        $14.2 million

        for community programs and services

        Community Commitment

        Improving Healthcare Access

        We’re not just located in Minnesota’s communities, we’re a part of them. That’s why we devote time and talent to programs that improve access for all members of our community.

        Enhancing Community Health

        Healthcare starts at home, not in the hospital. We sponsor community health outreach programs because wellness occurs both inside and out of our care facilities.