Group 244
We love that our nurses look at each individual patient in an innovative, holistic manner, assessing their physical, emotional, and even spiritual needs. Patients come to us in their most vulnerable moments and our nurses understand that great responsibility and respond with compassion, professionalism, personalized care, and love. We love our nurses.

Nurses at Fairview

With 10 hospitals, over 40 clinics and more than 100 specialties, the M Health Fairview nursing team provides opportunities to develop new skills and partner with different clinical specialties to match your career aspirations. Nurses in our system can practice to the very top of their license and participate in an academic health system focused on community, best practices, evidence-based care, and nursing research.

"I think people choose to come to M Health Fairview to really expand their knowledge, expand their skills. I think that the university hospital really provides that venue for them to be able to say, 'What is it that I want in nursing?' Within our system, we have that ability to be able to develop and help our nurses really meet the passion, the development skills that they want, and the interests that they want."

 — Maria Raines, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at the University of Minnesota Medical Center and Masonic Children's Hospital

Our nursing culture

Our Nursing culture is based on love, teamwork, mentorship, and growth. Much of our comradery comes from the unique opportunities M Health Fairview has for nurses to specialize, participate in mentorship programs and interdisciplinary rounds, counsel with leadership, and innovate with our education teams. We offer a diverse, inclusive, safe and supportive place where nurses can become the practitioner they want to be.

    Caring for our nurses

    We know that you have needs that go far beyond your clinical education or your practice. At M Health Fairview, we take care of your well-being from a holistic perspective. In addition to our great benefits, we are committed to growing our employees to ensure that they are supported, heard, and inspired to thrive both personally and professionally.

      “The teamwork and collegiality that's present within this integrated academic health system is not seen in other places. It is very, very special to be a nurse here.”

      – Laura Reed, Chief Nurse Executive/COO, Fairview Health Services